Since 2006, we have provided innovative solutions to employers that often results in 5% to 10% reductions in cost without cutting benefit levels.


Our Mission is to positively impact the state of the us healthcare and retirement industries

Independent Analysis: Whether retained on a one-time fee basis or ongoing, we conduct comprehensive objective reviews and pledge to never be swayed by conflicts-of-interest or other factors that skew the advice given by many industry players. We pledge to always be independent.

Ongoing Benefits Management with no guesswork: On a daily basis, our team assures that the benefits package is being kept in compliance, controls cost year-over-year, and remains competitive in the marketplace. We live and breath benefits and never guess at the answer. We pledge to triple-check everything and continuously help our clients.

Strategic Solutions: Marom Consulting does not provide only one solution for every company. After our analysis, once we know how every penny is being spent, we bring the right team and set of solutions to each unique client. Marom Consulting, along with our sister company Marom Tech, utilizes a modern company structure that provides ultimate flexibility and best-of-breed resources to our clients. We pledge to never be burdened by excessive overhead and never "over recommend" solutions to clients.

Marom Consulting brought control and organization to our mix of benefit plans. We now have a multi-year strategy and make smarter decisions because of the insights and services provided to us.
— Jason, Law firm in Downtown

What We DO

  • We learn what your objectives, challenges, and philosophies are regarding employee benefits. Strategic planning can only be accomplished together.
  • We evaluate every penny of your benefits budget and how it came to be.
  • You can't manage what you can't measure. We set up a system for ongoing monitoring of the benefits program.
  • Multi-Year Strategies still require active reviews of all benefits. We continue this process to ensure all rates are competitive.
  • Laws Change. We live and breath benefits every day and make sure to keep clients in compliance.
  • Benefits aren't beneficial if employees don't understand and appreciate them. We communicate and educate so benefit plans are valued by employees.