Beyond the basics

With decades of experience on all sides of the industry, we bring innovative multi-year solutions to our clients that will help solve the largest challenges they face in the areas of healthcare, retirement, and group insurance.

Basic advice and annual brokerage services are no longer sufficient to address the very complex healthcare and group benefits market.

  • Benefits Due Diligence

With dozens of benefits due diligence projects completed, we have had a significant impact on Private Equity firms’ negotiating tools as well as the ongoing impact on their portfolio companies. We also have a close partnership with a benefits advisory firm in Toronto Canada as well as access to an international network of insurance brokers and advisors.

  • Canadian Benefits Expertise

For many firms with cross-border operations, out team helps clients manage all North American operations. We continue our focus on Cost, Compliance, and Competitiveness of the benefits package while helping employees learn how best to use each plan.

  • Co-fiduciary Role for Retirement Plans

Services to Employers, as the Plan Sponsor, and specifically to their Retirement Plan Committee, puts us in the role as a 3(21) investment adviser and co-fiduciary. We do not charge extra for this.  This role, as an adviser to the plan, allows us to provide advice to an employer with respect to funds on a 401(k) or 403(b) investment menu, and the employer retains the discretion to accept or reject the advice. We do not make decisions without consulting our client, the employer. This would make us a 3(21) adviser and we would recommend employers not contract with such advisers.

  • Physical and Financial Wellness Strategies

We provide group and one-on-one employee meetings and help each employee personally. Our focus is not only on their understanding and appreciating the group benefits package, but also helping them and their families improve their health and financial decisions. The end goal is not just a reduction in healthcare costs, but more productive, less absent, less stressed, and happier employees.

  • Technology, Enrollment, and Compliance Services

We provide ACA and COBRA tools, but also prepare the required 5500 filings. The required Wrap Plan Documents and SPDs, along with an employee benefits handbook can also be provided. Compliance and administration go hand-in-hand so advisory services, HRIS reviews, and payroll tools are available. Of special interest to many employers is our online enrollment service.