Healthcare, Retirement Plans, and other Employee Benefits are more complex than ever. Marom Consulting provides three key services to address the Cost, Compliance and Competitiveness of Benefit Programs:
  • Independent Analysis: Whether retained on a one-time fee basis or ongoing, we conduct comprehensive objective reviews of all components of a company´┐Żs benefits package.

  • Ongoing Benefits Management: On a daily basis, our team can assure that the benefits package is being kept in compliance, controlling cost year-over-year, and remaining competitive in the marketplace.

  • Strategic Benefits Outsourcing: Marom Consulting, along with our sister company Marom Tech, utilizes a modern company structure that provides ultimate flexibility and best-of-breed resources to our clients.
We compete well against the largest consulting firms because our response time and ability to quickly respond or evolve are night and day better than larger more bureaucratic firms. Instead of providing only one solution to clients, we evaluate what works best and what can be improved. This strategic outsourcing model creates a seamless ideal mix of services that is just right for our clients.

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